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On Sunday morning, the preacher brings in 4 covered jars with one live worm in each. In one he poured whiskey, in one he poured liquid chocolate, in the third one he poured cigarette smoke and in the fourth one he threw in dirt. Result was nothing unusual. Worms in first three jars died. He then looked at the congregation and said, "I don't have to tell much. I believe you have learnt a clear lesson". Then he pointed at a little girl and asked,"Sweetheart, can you tell what have you learnt?". Without any hesitation she said,"If you drink, smoke and eat chocolate you'll never have worms".

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>     Ahaaaa...that really funy. God bless that mind and creativity
       by Julius on 21-Sep-2012  

>     & that's exactly how kids think! :D
       by kimm on 05-Jul-2012  

>     Very good jokes here.
       by Douglas Akhabue on 19-Jun-2012  

       by TIMMYWILLIAMS on 07-May-2012  

>     A nice one
       by Sochy on 11-Apr-2012  

>     Great
       by Solomon ekene david ogudo on 06-Apr-2012  

>     lovely keep it up
       by Wonder on 30-Mar-2012