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The clock that tells lies

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Someone is getting a tour around Heaven and he asks "Um what are those clocks for?" "Oh those" Says the tour guide angel "well those clocks tell lies, like this one here. It says Mother Theresa under it and that means that it tells how many times she lied. As you can see, she only lied a couple of times." "how about that one" "well that one shows how many times peter from the bible lied. Again, only a small amount." "Hmmmmmm. How come I don't see very many non christian famous people's clocks on the wall." "Oh" says the tour guid "those are in jesus' office... he uses them as ceiling fans... Ya."

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>     Ha ha that was very funny joke
       by Hope obinwanne on 20-Jul-2012  

>     Clocks in heaven that tell lies? Yikes. Mother Theresa told very few lies? She was one of the biggest scam artists going. Jesus sitting in a hot office with lying clocks for ceiling fans? There's too much wrong with this one.
       by kimm on 05-Jul-2012  

>     ha ha ha...very funny.
       by becca on 06-Dec-2011  

>     Haha haha haha haha haha hahaaaaaaaaaaa. Haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!!!!
       by curly on 19-Oct-2011  

>     Keep the good work up
       by Atteh Adebayo on 18-Sep-2011  

>     A relief to have access to clean jokes..
       by Fayina Musa on 14-Sep-2011  

>     Best joke ever heard,i love it.highly spiritual.
       by Plenty mouth on 25-Jul-2011  

>     very very funny could you pls send it to my mail
       by apache on 17-Jul-2011