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The Story of Moses

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A little boy went to church with his grandma. He went into Sunday school with the other kids. After church he rejoined his grandma, who asked what he had learned that day.

"Well there was this guy named Moses," the boy started, "and he was running from this mean pharaoh. Moses & his army came to the Red Sea, but pharaoh was closing in, so Moses had his engineers build a bridge real quick & they got in their tanks & went across it. They got to the other side & when pharaoh's army was still on it they called in an air strike!!"

"I don't think that's the story you were told," the grandma said.

"You're right grandma, but if I told you the story they told us you wouldn't believe it either."

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>     gr8 m8
       by Burnie on 09-Aug-2012  

>     LOL. I've heard this one before, but it's pretty good.
       by kimm on 05-Jul-2012  

>     wonderful !!!
       by innocent on 13-Apr-2012  

>     This really funny
       by Kelvin Mbewe on 30-Jan-2012  

>     it is owesome and fantastic
       by johnson on 27-Jan-2012  

>     awesome!!
       by w on 10-Dec-2011  

>     just believe and increase your faith in Christ Jesus..
       by Godwin Ofori-Djan on 19-Nov-2011  

>     that made me laugh good joke God is gud
       by God's prescious gift on 09-Oct-2011  

>     Thts awesome
       by Tapiwa rose on 21-Jul-2011  

>     very good
       by xoliswa on 27-Jun-2011