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Do you want to go to Heaven?

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Father Flannagan was diligently trying to win souls for the kingdom of God. One day he had a fine idea. He would go to the local pub to evangelize the local drunks and bar flies. He walks into the pub and notices one of his flock from the local church he preaches in. "John!" he screams, John! do you want to go to heaven!!!! John answered," Father Flannagan,, why ,,yes! of course I want to go to heaven."" Then, get over here behind me now," says the father. "Patrick!, Father Flannagan screams out again.. "Patrick do you want to go to heaven?" Well father,, yes... yes ,, I do. "Then get over here with us now... so Patrick joined the two men.. Father Flannagan spotted anouther and said,, " you! do you want to go to heaven? The third man paused. No answer! Flannagan again asked the man," you sir! Do you want to go to heaven!! The man paused again and then shouted," no!" the Father was dumbstruck and asked the same quesion,, What do you mean you DON'T WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN?? The young man then stated, " no,,not today ,, it seems as if you've got a group to go today and I don't want to go today!!!!

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>     too long and arriving at nowhere where is the punch line?
       by jho oak on 20-Apr-2014  

>     In fact, it's a wonderful joke and funny too. the problem is something is lacking. Brevity is the soul of wit. There's too much of explanation. I used in a talk and they were roaring..! Make it short, please..!
       by PAUL JOSEPH on 15-Mar-2014  

>     Bad one!
       by EJ on 12-Aug-2012  

>     Dumb joke!
       by Jungle on 19-Jul-2012  

>     Wha-huh? I don't get it.
       by kimm on 05-Jul-2012  

>     Horrible grammer! I can't even tell who's speaking!
       by Lili on 04-Feb-2012  

>     This is a horrible joke
       by Chris on 10-Jan-2012  

>     I really didn't think this was @ all funny!
       by Danielle on 16-Oct-2011  

>     this one's GREAT!
       by Jarrie Karisse on 28-Sep-2011  

>     funny
       by amber on 27-Sep-2011  

>     this is very funny
       by Emmanuel Holm on 12-Sep-2011  

>     funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       by Dv Archi on 07-Aug-2011